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Talking of the gas cylinders and About Indane Gas connections that we have nowadays we have one name in our minds and that is for sure the INDANE GAS. Being a veteran in this field the company has served the Indian masses for a long time and is still performing its part. Now the government of India has also started helping out these companies by doing their bit. So the latest news is that the Indian government has taken an initiative of giving a direct subsidy to the liquefied petroleum gas holders. This subsidy would be in the form of cash.
Now this is a new scheme that has been recently brought into practice. It started in February 2012 and has been propagated in almost or more than fifty one districts of India. The distributors are also covered under the whole plan and scheme.

Now this scheme can be availed by the users who have their aadhaar cards with them. In case a person does not have it then he or she may not be able to use this opportunity. This seems to be the mandatory rule as all the users have to get themselves enrolled and then can these people get the chance to use the subsidy on the INDANE GAS. Another piece of information is that the person who wishes to avail the opportunity has to have a bank account. So therefore it is advisable to open your bank account too.

adhaar Sample

adhaar Sample

Getting a Indane Gas New connection nowadays becomes a very tedious task. So what do the customers do? Well the answer to is also provided and that too with a lot of solutions. All you need to do is get your copy of aadhaar card and get yourself registered. The customer has to give the copy of adhaar card to distributor and get the registration done. Now there are couple of things or document copies which are needed to be there. Some of them are:

  • Address proof
  • Photo copy of telephone bill
  • Copy of adhaar card as already mentioned.
  • Identity proof and that would include name, contact and other specific details.

Now the customers are also expected to submit the DGCC or the cash memo as it is a mandatory concept. Now most of the people ask why to use the adhaar card or what is its importance?
well the answer to all such queries is that the adhaar card is a very basic and necessary document. It stands for the identification and represents you across the world. So yes it has been given a lot of importance and one should be aware of the significance. Another important thing is that in case you have changed your house and no one lives there so you need to do is make amendments in the adhaar card so that the updated information is there.


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