Indane Gas Approach

Approach for Indane Gas

 Perspective Plan of LPG- Today more than 50-60 percent of the Indians are using the LPG for their household consonant purpose of which consumption utterly centralized in City. Villagers still constantly using firewood, biomass and kerosene and also dry plants as their basic need for cooking. According to Government report presumed that by 2015 population amount will be increased to around 80% across the country and planned to issue 5.6 crore new Indane Gas LPG Connections throughout the country via Rajiv Gandhi LPG Vitaran scheme (RGGLVs) and distributors of Indan gas.

Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vitran Yojna

In our country getting a regular distributorship of  Indane gas is very difficult task especially in the areas or in the villages having less population, as it requires some minimum operating requirements in that area. Therefore, Government has launched a new plan named “Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Yogna” on 16th October, 2009 for those people who have difficulty to get Indane Gas Connection, where IOC spread its facility in eight states from its first phrase. Second plan has spread in its six states, now there is even a planning to spread this plan third time.

How is Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Yojna different 

By this scheme growth average of monthly sale of 600 LPG cylinders (14.2kg) and 1200 customers.

  • It storehouse having capacity to store around 300 cylinders.
  • Estimate size of storehouse is about: 5m x 6m and showroom size is at least: 2.6 x 3m.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vitaran Yojna” does not distribute cylinders to direct consumer home.
  • This will be market to the customers with only fixed retail selling price.

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