Indane Gas Booking

SMS/ IVRS Facility:Booking ANY TIME

indane gas booking

indane gas booking

Listed below we discuss the process of Indane Gas Booking. Indane Gas has really been launches the new location to boosted Automated Unified System(AUS) of refill booking for their consumers of big cities from 5th march 2011 onwards till now. This is based upon multimodal to make refill booking quicker, as they can as well as more reliable by means of the SMS along with IVRS remedies.

SMS/IVRS Booking: Booking Anytime

Now, Indane consumers could reserve their gas cylinders by just sending a SMS. The system has actually been begun in some major cities and will most definitely come to smaller sized cities with the passing time. One requires to refer to his city’s delegated number and he can effortlessly reserve his refill.

There are some IVRS/SMS numbers appropriate for each and every state are reference listed below. Inspect for your state/ city:

State City IVRS Numbers
New Delhi Delhi 9911554411
Maharashtra 9223101260
Kolkata Sillugarhi 9088324365
Karnataka Bangalore 8970024365
Bihar Patna 9708024365
Gujrat Rajkot 9624365365
Surat 9624365365
Hariyana Faridabad 9911554411

3 Responses to Indane Gas Booking

  1. Rajesh says:

    My consumer No 29318 , booking no: 728856 Dt 14-2-2015
    I had earlier booked for my refill cylinder of Indane Gas which for what reason I don’t know got cancelled, I have rebooked again and got the above ref number.

    This has happened a number of times earlier. Please investigate if any thing illegal is going on. A reply will be appreciated.

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