Indane Gas Products

Indane Gas LPG cylinder Products –

Indane Gas have so many products which is describe below:

Domestic LPG– Domestic relate to the house hold LPG Gas connection,today there is a biggest demand of Domestic LPG & it is available in 14.2kg capacity cylinder, authorized with distributors of IOCL. Indane Gas is very friendly to housewives, if we use it in safe and as stipulated manner.

Non Domestic LPG– Non Domestic LPG mostly used for Commercial purpose like hotels,restaurants and occasionally and it is available in 3 verities for example- five kilogram, nineteen kilogram, forty seven point five kilogram,contact to your nearest Indane Gas Distributor if you have requirement this and full fill the formalities

Auto Gas– Generally Auto Gas is used in automobile business. Auto gas is a clean, high pellucid (transparent), ample and Eco friendly fuel. It is obtain from the natural gas, and mixture of propane and butane gas. This is a power of higher energy result in 10 to 15 percent reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas from the environment.
Non Fuel Product- It is not related with fuel/ gas. It like an object.
Some example of non- fuel items, which mentioned below:-

High Thermal Accomplished LPG stoves:– For making meal ,high thermal efficient LPG Stoves has been used in every kitchen today.

Fire resistant Suraksha Apron– Fire resistant Surakaha Apron is used at the time of cooking. It keep you safe from fire and have a superiority of instinctively flame preventer.

Portable Fire Extinguishers- This is used for control the fire.It gives cooling effects because of ABC powder texture of mono  phosphate, that time (incident) mono ammonium phosphate acquittal the water.

Mysore sandal products- It include very famous class of Agarbathies, Talcum Powder, Oil, Hand wash and Body wash etc for soap products of biggest brand company.

Appliances items– In our daily use we use most of the kitchen items and company provide Indane Gas Appliances like- Pressure cookers- AI & SS, Table top dry and wet grinders, Microwave oven, Non stick kitchenware, Rechargeable Battery, Induction cookers and also SS Vacuum flask etc.

Flame Type Gas Lighter- The company provided you more efficient spark for cooking and safe for Indane Gas LPG Connection.

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