Transfer A Connection

Transfer A Indane Gas Connection is very Simple you can easily do it by following steps.

How do I transfer my connection to my son?

Transferring an existing Indane Gas Connection has become a very easy and fast. If one wants to transfer his connection to his family member, he can do that without any tension. One just needs to request the gas agent and deposit the listed documents to him.

  • KYC form of the person to whom the connection has to be transfer.
  • Identity and address proof.
  • When the Indane Gas New Connection is taken, one gets a Subscription Voucher (SV) which one needs to submit. In case the voucher is missing, an affidavit has to be made.
  • A declaration certificate from the transferee.

After getting all the documents, the agent will check the authentication of the documents. All the documents will be verified and after doing all this, the distributor will transfer the connection and a new Subscription Voucher will be made in the name of transferee.If you have any doubt so you can contact your Indane Gas Agency about it they will tell you the simple process to  Transfer A Connection

If the person on whose name is the subscription voucher issued is not there anymore, his legal heir can definitely get the connection transfer to his name. Documents to be submitted in that case are-

  • KYC of legal heir.
  • Death certificate.
  • Approval from legal heir.
  • The original subscription voucher and in case it is not there, an affidavit.

 If one is leaving some place and shifting to another, he can also transfer his connection. There are three options and procedure of all three is little different.

  • Within same distributor’s area

If the distribution area is same, then just an address proof is required to be submitted with the agent. The cylinder will then be delivered to new address.

  • Within the same town

If the area is different and does not come in the old distributor’s area, then one can contact the distributor of his area and submit the original Subscription Voucher (SV). The old distributor will give a Termination Voucher (TV) which has to be given to the new distributor. A statement of proof of address is also required to be submitted with new agent. After this simple procedure, one can get the new consumer number and can enjoy Indane gas service in his area.

  • Outside the city

If someone is shifting to another city, he needs to surrender his connection and give all the equipments back to the gas agent. When you return back the regulator and the cylinders, he will provide with the Termination Voucher (TV) and the refundable money. He will also tell you about the nearest Indane Gas Distributor to your new place.

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